Yateley Fencing Services

Lap Panels

Lap Panels are the best value for money panel you can buy. They come heavy treated with extra slats for strength and durability, using home grown timber and manufactured in England.

Lap panels can easily be screwed to timber posts or will comfortably slide into our Slotted Concrete Posts.

Close Board Panels

Close board panels are a good choice for fencing adjoining public areas like foot paths etc. Close Board panels are much more robust than Lap Panels and combined with concrete posts and gravel boards, make one of the best value fences you can buy.

Yateley Fencing Services
Yateley Fencing Services

Picket Panels

Picket panels are an economical way to fence off areas, whilst not giving that 'boxed in' feeling. We offer many types of picket fence depending on the customers choice.



Trellis is a pleasant way to add extra height to a fence without blocking out light, whilst giving a roomier feel to the garden. We can also add the trellis to other parts of the garden.

Yateley Fencing Services
Yateley Fencing Services

Repair Service

Here at YATELEY FENCING, we offer a repair service for something as simple as a single broken panel to a section of fence affected by storm damage. We also offer an Emergency service.